west side oahu

F A L L by Elsie Barnes

If you are from the mainland, you fully understand that no matter which state you live in, you will have some sort of season change. Some states like Texas and Florida can have all four seasons in just one day, and other states like New York or Ohio, seem to have several variations of winter, and 2 weeks of summer. But when you live in Hawaii, the seasons don't change...AT ALL. 

So when I was approached by the McFarren family to incorporate fall in Hawaii, I knew I was up for the challenge. My goal was to incorporate everything that made fall cozy without drenching it in pumpkin spice. Sorry Starbuck, but some of us are just regular coffee kind of people. 


Enveloped in the orange hues of the sunset, and the tall grass of the westside mountain ranges, we trucked on to a pretty steep hill to capture our version of fall in Hawaii.


Between the military demands, a fresh surgery, kiddo's first haircut, and missing all things fall back home, the McFarren's needed a memory captured for this hectic time in their lives. They showed me that no matter what is going on in the world outside, their love for each other is all they need to continue in their happily ever after! 


It may not be chilly here, but we always find a reason to cuddle with the people we love most!


Its not too late to schedule your family portrait session before the holidays! Reach out to me at here, and lets get started on your happily ever after!