Women's Portraits

I N S P I R A T I O N by Elsie Barnes

Have you ever been in a state of cloudiness, so stale, mundane and stagnant that you don't see how you're going to make a way out of it? As an artist and a right-brainer, the constant search for inspiration is needed like that morning coffee, or salsa on tacos. There is just no way around it. You NEED it. So we search. We search for it in our surroundings, in other artists, and often times, in our everyday norms. I found myself wallowing in my cloudiness yet again, searching for something, anything to speak to me, to guide me, to inspire me. And like a 2x4 to the face, there she was, my neighbor.

Amanda, and her perfect 30 week belly just so happened to be outside playing with her kiddos while I was on the way to my mailbox. We chatted for a bit, but instantly there was a connection. She too was a photographer, on the island temporarily, while balancing being a mom of 2 kiddos just like me. Rapidly our friendship grew, and we have been pretty much inseparable since. #luckyme

Due to our need to feed the hungry creative beast, we set out to capture the amazing sunsets our  home has to offer. Within seconds, we were giggling little school girls sharing ideas and cameras. Our instant connection was the tip of the iceberg. I soon found out that Amanda was a perfect model, needing hardly any direction, and easily feeding my camera with still after still of remarkable images. 

With every click of the shutter, the light changed giving birth to new and exciting ideas. So instead of treating this fun impromptu session like one of my normal sessions, I decided to throw away cohesiveness between images, and edit them as they spoke to me. Every image has its own flavor, its own mood, is own way to draw you in. Artist should never be confined to a box, and I realized that the best way to break out of it, is to break all the rules.  

I am so very excited to see what new adventures Amanda and I indulge in! To keep up with Amanda, visit her here, and please let her know I sent you!