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L A N I K A I by Elsie Barnes

Before my husband and I packed up our belongings in preparation for our new duty station, we were frantically searching for our next home in Oahu. We searched the internet high and low, attempting to find a home that would satisfy our wishlist. A friend referred us to an awesome realtor who had built a Facebook page for military families moving to the island. This page was a lifesaver. The community that participated in this group were a wealth of knowledge, answering even the silliest of questions. Days before we had arrived on the island, Brandy Saulnier of Military Home Source had already a list of homes for us to view.

We arrived on a Friday, exhausted, sleep deprived, and hungry. By Sunday, Brandy was already at our hotel room and on a mission to find our new home. She picked us up, and immediately we were smitten by her. She treated us like family, and showed us the true meaning of Aloha. The car ride was filled with cultural education, myth busting, and so much laughter as we traveled the majority of the island. We truly enjoyed her company, and my daughter adored "Ms. Brandy." As the weeks progressed our friendship grew. I had become in charge of caring for her kiddos, and she had lent us her van so that my husband have transportation for work. Little did we know that Brandy was not only a realtor, and admin for the Facebook group, but also a host of a radio show, and participates in several events around the year helping our veterans and their families. Its a very impressive resume to say the least. To this very day, I am in awe of everything she is able to accomplish while raising a family. She is definitely the definition of #bossbabe. I look back at it now and I am grateful she was our very first friend, and we are truly indebted to her and her family for welcoming us into their hearts and home.

Fast foward a year later, and the dust has officially settled. From game night, to family dinners, and spending holidays together, we always find a way to hang out and spend quality time with her, but had yet to work with each other. You can imagine my surprise when she requested a family's portrait session. This was the perfect opportunity for me to repay her for all of the wonderful things she did for my family when we arrived. 

Lanikai, her favorite beach, would be the setting for her portrait session. Enveloped in cotton candy skies, teal water, and baby powder sand her family and I were ready to capture the dynamic that makes her home so special. The session was flawless, except for the occasional "Don't step on the jellyfish!", which I'll admit was fascinating to see unclose for the first time. We had such an amazing sunset, that it definitely didn't feel like work at all! 

There's a quote that says "Some people are put in your life for a reason or a season." I truly hope that she and her family stay in our lives for a lifetime. 


LULAROE by Elsie Barnes

I'll admit it. I have never been a fan of MLM companies. I never saw what the big deal was. I grew up accompanying my mom to MaryKay and Tupperware parties, and truthfully they just seemed like an excuse for woman to get together and vent about everyday motherhood, and buy products that claimed to make their lives easier. Were these products really all they were cracked up to be? To the mind of a 9 year old, probably not. But now as a mother myself, any excuse to get out of the house and spend some good girl time is well worth it. 

When Katreena approached me requesting brand photography, I was so excited to work with her I had forgotten to even ask what type of business she owned. When she mentioned LuLaRoe, I was a bit hesitant. Not because of the brand, but more because I didn't have a clue how I would come up with models for such a shoot. I then realized that her business didn't need models. It needed women. Just women. Women of all shapes and sizes, who just wanted to be comfortable and feel confident. Katreena was this model. She loved this product so much that she was willing to model it herself. That might not seem like such a daunting task, but most of us women are quick to hide or flee from being the center of attention as soon as a camera appears. She quickly showed me she was the real #MVP.

We chatted about the outfits she planned to wear and different locations while preparing for our our session, and the more I spoke to her the more I realized how passionate she truly was about this clothing line. Katreena believes in empowering women, and boosting their confidence, whether you are a size 2 or a size 22. We, women did not have to be plagued by retail stores' shady sizing, warped mirrors, or skin tight, no pockets having attire. Instead, we could hang out at a friend's house, try on their racks full of clothes in private without any sales lady with a key and a limit on how many items you could try on. Its like a Friday night at your bestie's house without all of the pressure to be as skinny or fit as the girl in the next stall. 

As we began shooting, I instantly saw the transformation in her. Katreena went from a woman who admitted to being horrible in front of the camera, to a woman who was beaming from every pore. She didn't need to model, she just needed to be herself, comfortable in the clothes she was in. And that folks, is the best marketing I have ever seen. 

I quickly learned that this veteran, who while serving had been a medic, really loved helping those in need. She is what we call a badass! And was now in the process of spreading that type of encouragement towards other women.

So yes, now I fully understand why Katreena stopped selling LuLaRoe, and instead started building confidence. 

LuLaRoe Oahu Katreena

Have you been on the fence about LuLaRoe? Check out Katreena, and see why she is taking the island by storm!


LuLaRoe Oahu Collage

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