GINGER by Elsie Barnes

I met him at the Waianae Library Story time, held every Tuesday. He and his mommy sat next to my daughter and I. He had fiery red hair and little golden speckles that laid across his nose and cheeks. His hazel eyes caught me glancing, and he immediately covered his face in his mother's chest. 

Noticing him is an understatement. I stared. I stared HARD. He was breathtaking. He was beautiful. His name was Cael. My attempt to not make him uncomfortable was useless. He knew I was almost breaking my neck to just catch another glimpse of all of his cuteness. And before story time was over, I made sure to tell his mommy that I wasn't a stalker, but instead a photographer. In other words, a stalker with a camera. Her son had captured my heart and I needed to have him in front of my lens. 

Fast foward a few months, and his mommy and I are now good friends. He has spent afternoons at my house. And I am proud to say that my arms have cuddled him to sleep. My daughter is smitten by him, and considers herself his big sister. And although my dog isn't too fond of him, he is definitely part of our family.

Now, it doesn't rain often on the west side of Oahu, but when it does, the clouds turn amazing shades of golden cotton candy. This was the perfect setting for Cael and all of his gorgeousness. I was elated to be able to see the sun reflecting off of his curls, and boy it sure didn't disappoint. Although he was much more concerned about the rocks he found on the ground, and ensuring the high grass didn't caress his skin, he gave me better photographs than I could've imagined. 

Children have always had a soft spot in my heart. I truly enjoy capturing their personalities and telling their story. They will never be as young as they are today. Tomorrow they will learn a new word, be one day closer to their next birthday, and little by little grow more independent. So while your phone is full of the everyday funny things they do, make some time to contact a professional to capture memories of all of their little details. Their future prom dates will thank you!

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