C A C T I C O U P L E / by Elsie Barnes

We live in such a large world, and yet it can be so very small. A recent impromptu session taught me that saying "yes" can open up a world of possibilities, and also make a complete stranger into a friend.

I belong to quite a few facebook groups. From homeschooling (which I refuse to do) to your local "buy/sell/trade" page. One of my favorites is the House of Flynn group. House of Flynn specializes in some pretty awesome camera bags that can also be used as pretty posh diaper bags. They also have accessories and even a clothing line. I was recently tagged in a post in this group by a dear friend. The post read "Super last minute...but I found this cool area by our AirBnB in Oahu. Any photographer available tonight or early tomorrow!?"

So I jumped at the opportunity. I needed something fresh and new, and something that wasn't going to fill up my House of Flynn camera bag with sand. (Living in Oahu has literally covered every corner of my life in sand.) Besides, don't all creatives flourish when put on the spot?

I did expect to push my creative limits, what I didn't expect was how obsessed I would become with Savannah and her gorgeous little family. Upon meeting her, I already knew I adored her. She was upbeat and a sweet soul. Watching her interact with her precious baby girl and boyfriend told me all I needed to know.... They were a photographer's DREAM.

A 6 am sunrise cacti session in Makaha on the west side of Oahu family portrait session was the awakening I definitely needed!

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