S O U L S I S T E R / by Elsie Barnes

Before I begin storytelling, I want to preface this blog with a special note.

Never in a million years did I think I would meet my far away bestie because of my blogs. Thank you so much Monica for getting to know me before hiring me. You will always have a special place in my heart!

Now sit back, and let me tell you about how a client became a source of inspiration and a lifelong friend. 

A few months back, Monica inquired about an extended family portrait session. Her father-in-law had gifted all 8 of their family members a trip across the pacific ocean with a weeks stay at Aulani Disney Resort. In search of someone to capture their family’s vacation, she came across little ol’ me. Yay! The plan was simple, document their family.

But we soon realized that she and I had a very special and immediate connection. It was as if she and I had been best friends in another lifetime. When Monica hired me, she mentioned that one of the things that stood out most from my portfolio were my blogs. She felt as if she knew me. And after chatting with her on the phone, I felt the same way. You can imagine what I weirdo I must've sounded like calling a stranger over the phone my "bestie," but Monica didn't bat an eye. Til this day, even an ocean away, I adore her.

Preserving this special vacation was her number one priority and I can't think of a better way to freeze these moments in time place them in an album, and share them years down the road with your children and grandchildren. Monica had also just successfully crushed a weight loss goal. All of her dedication had paid off and she was ready to step in front of the camera.

Being a mother, and one who has struggled with baby weight, my heart definitely reached out to her. We, as women always want to look our very best, and want our children to see us in our best light. Unfortunately, life sometimes has other plans. But Monica didn't let circumstances stand in her way or in her light. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for crushing goals and feeling your absolute best. Weight loss is not easy. But loving yourself and shining from within takes a very special type of stregnth. I hope when her son looks back a these images he not only remembers the magical vacation his family enjoyed in Oahu, but also the proud and confident mom he was blessed with. 

In the mean time, yo voy a ti Monica! Keep shining! And remember, you always have a friend in Oahu!