CAKE CAKE CAKE / by Elsie Barnes

I remember being asked as a kid what I wanted to be when I grew up. The answer would change every couple of years. A teacher, a reporter, an architect, even a nun. "A NUN?" you ask? Yes a nun, because if you think about it, you'd commit yourself to this great guy albeit having horrible taste in shoes, he was always around, and gave you 100% of his attention. You got to hang out with a bunch of awesome women every day. And the best part, you always had something to wear that never required thought or accessories for that matter. Then I realized that a large part of me wanted to be a mom, and becoming a nun quickly became a useless idea. 

I few years later while chatting with my grandmother, she told me that I could be every part of me when I grew up. And although I didn't fully understand what she meant, I sure did make it happen. I have been a telephone operator, a bartender, a nurse, an athlete and now a photographer. The truth is, when you have a passion for an art, you tend to follow it regardless of what the world puts in front you. Some call it fate, others call it destiny, I call it your journey.

Plot twist, this blog isn't about me! Had you going there for a minute! 

ahem...This past weekend, I was invited to photograph Marian Hills of Our Treats CupOGRAPHY for branding photography. She owns and operates a baking and photography business all while being a military spouse. Talk about #goals! Upon arrival to her home, I was already salivating for some sugar! If you could be paid in cake, my second favorite guilty pleasure, my first being tacos, wouldn't you? Marian introduced me to her sweet friend who would be helping, and showed me two cakes that had been handcrafted the night prior specifically for this shoot. OH! Were they tempting!  My amazing blonde bombshell assistant, Ketino of Ketino Photography,  and I began the process of capturing the best images that would represent Marian and her brand. Amazingly, what was meant to be a quick shoot, ended in creative minds covered in sprinkles and flour! Who needs pillow fights when food fights are so much better! 

On my drive home, I thought to myself, "She would be the ultimate wedding vendor!" She could provide the cake and the photography! Thats one hell of a deal. Or she could be a triple threat and DJ too! But just the thought of having to run back and forth from the DJ table to change the song, while still trying to capture those sweet moments would be a tough job even Inspector Gadget couldn't handle. Go Go gadget arm! (If the theme song to Inspector Gadget is now stuck in your head, your welcome. If not, click here, and again YOUR WELCOME!)

Either way, I appreciated her genius, and her ability to pursue two loves at once.

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