C E L E B R A T E / by Elsie Barnes


I have been sitting here for last hour trying to come up with a way to inspire you. "Why?" you ask? Because the holiday season has begun, and we can get so stressed trying to make memories for others, that we tend to forget about ourselves. I believe this stunning lady is a great example to inspire you.

Phoenix of KM Ivelisse Photography, is not only a great friend of mine, but also a fellow photographer with amazing talent. She boasted about an upcoming client that was absolutely breathtaking! When she showed me a photograph of her, I pretty much begged to come along. (I am not ashamed to admit, that I love pretty faces in front of my camera)

When I arrived, the photography session was already underway, and I found myself scrambling to pullout my gear. The sky was buttery soft, with hints of pastels the sun had blessed us with, and our gorgeous model was holding her cap and gown. Unbeknownst to me, we were capturing the  celebration her new degree in accounting. 

What a momentous occasion! After years of hard work, she was one step closer to fulfilling a dream! This was definitely a time that needed to be captured. Which got me to think, what if we all did the same? What if we celebrated our victories whether big or small with photographs? Not selfies, not pictures with our phones, or waiting on Uncle Bob to finally share them on social media, but professional portraits. It would be an amazing way to look back on your life when you aren't feeling so sure of yourself, and remember who you truly are and what you are capable of doing! 

Later that night Phoenix and I both were in awe of how many flawless images we were able to capture of her. Her skin, her expressions, her poses.... I literally could go on ALL day. During the session I couldn't stop complimenting her on how well she took direction, and how she was able to transition from pose to pose so seamlessly. She truly did make our jobs so much easier. I will admit, I edited her entire session in an hour the very same day I photographed her. Her images didn't require any special tricks, or fancy edits. She was simply made for the camera. Organically elegant. So, if one day she ever decides that accounting isn't for her, modeling definitely is! 

There you have it... your inspirational nugget! Even when you are down and out, feeling as if you have lost yourself along the way, its time to pull out some old photographs and remember who you are, and what you are made of! If you find that you don't have any of those photographs, then its time to start putting in some work, so that when you are done, your accomplishment can be captured, and I will gladly be there to photograph it for you!

Do you have a special ocassion coming up? Drop me an email and lets start preserving your special moments!