D I S T A N C E / by Elsie Barnes

I am a firm believer in love at first sight. When it happens, its as if cupid himself sprinkles the room in glitter and floating hearts. Its one of the reasons I am obsessed with love stories such as this one. 


After meeting at a friend's get-together, she knew the second he walked in the room that he was meant to be hers. It took a two year long distance relationship to finally be in the very same state. I cannot a imagine a better way to celebrate such a wonderful occasion than by capturing such a wonderful reunion by yours truly.

Beach Bums Oahu

 Watching her nose scrunch up and burst into giggles every time he whispered in her ear, or when they danced to their own music at sunrise, even just how they stared at each other as if telepathically having the most intense conversation, I was drawn in immediately.  And although she may had been smitten by him first, you could definitely tell by the way he chased  her, that he too had fallen madly in love.  

love Hawaii Oahu
Oahu snuggles

I guess its true what they say.... when you know... you know.